Educators find so much more than meeting science standards when they come to Slooh. They find community. They find wonder, beauty, and a team of astronomers to support their professional development.

The NSF awarded Slooh an SBIR Grant for
‘Curriculum Driven Gamification of Space Exploration’

Why We Teach The Universe and Its Stars

Astronomy is science, imagination, curiosity, and art. It is computational thinking and language with nuances and history all its own.


Join a Community of Educators

We bring the astronomers to teachers.


Keeping up-to-date on the wonders of astronomy teaching can feel as huge as the Universe itself. Slooh supports educators through professional development and a wealth of high-quality materials about space. Our experienced classroom teachers guide teachers through the online tools so they feel confident teaching astronomy. 




S.T.E.A.M Curricula with Astronomy Educators

Robotic Telescopes + Photo Capture

Private Virtual Clubhouse to Share Observations


Space Exploration for All

At Slooh, we are dedicated to making real-world, real-time space exploration accessible for every student without the hassle of purchasing, storing, and maintaining a fleet of expensive student-grade telescopes.

Now, teaching and learning about The Universe and Its Stars and The Earth's Place in the Universe is easy, engaging, and affordable for all.


Explore Space Using Robotic Telescopes

Take your students on a real-world journey to the Universe without leaving the classroom by using Slooh's network of robotic telescopes.


Slooh provides real-time viewing and control of robotic telescopes, including seven telescopes situated at its flagship observatory at the Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands, one of the world’s top observatory sites, and three telescopes based in Santiago, Chile, offering complementary views of the southern skies.

Harvest Moon | September 29, 2009


Capture Images of Space Live, in Real-Time

Students get inspired to learn by looking into space through Slooh's patented Mission Interface . Our live views of space include a tandem information panel containing an array of contextual educational modules that aide in the learning process, including recorded audio.

Canary Three





Center Learning Around Student Interests

We know that student learning increases when science, language arts, history, and art connect profoundly to student interest. Using Slooh, teachers increase inter-disciplinary learning by engaging learning for students interested in Space.

Students have the ability to set up their own telescope missions using Slooh's reservation system which guides them to the best time and telescope. Students automatically obtain images from that mission in their Photo Hub once the mission is complete.


Extend Learning Using Curriculum Quests

Slooh provides educators extended curriculum Quests, which creates an extended learning environment to study celestial phenomena.


Students learn to explore space in a selfdirected manner by completing learning activities which challenge them to use the telescopes to collect and analyze data to form their own conclusions. Students are more likely to retain information by completing tasks that apply their learning.


Engage Students Through Gamification

We ’ve gamified exploring space with Quests. Students collect Gravity Points to move up the Leaderboard and earn Badges for completing Quests that challenge them to hunt down phenomena in space and follow in the footsteps of famous discoverers.


Increase Educator Knowledge of Space Through Learning Guides

Slooh Guides are a starting point to understand basic concepts in Space Science, and they lead educators and students to the most interesting objects in space.


Our astronomers have curated content across the spectrum of S.T.E.A.M. for over 1000 celestial objects, known as the Slooh 1000.



The Slooh Community is founded upon the principle that telescopes are more interesting and affordable as a shared, social experience.


When students and educators look through a Slooh telescope, they are doing it in unison with a school community, looking up in wonder together. Therefore, we designed the experience to bring about an exchange of ideas within a classroom structure.

How will your students collaborate with their peers, and a community of space enthusiasts?


Join Astronomy Clubhouses

Slooh Clubhouses offer students a safe and private environment to exchange ideas with their peers, ask and answer questions, and find assigned learning materials.


Attend Live Star Parties and Lectures

Slooh’s Live Star Parties are anchored by Paul Cox and our team of astronomers, featuring live feeds of asteroids, comets, transits, eclipses, solar activity, auroras, and more. Monitor with us the happenings in space 24 hours a day and join us virtually on expeditions to Kenya, the Faroe Islands, Indonesia, Iceland, Australia, Chile, Idaho, and Alaska.

Partial Solar Eclipse | October 23, 2014


Connect Space and Language Arts

Our vision of astronomy welcomes all forms of expression including art and literature. Our Illuminations stories inspire wonder and offer a variety of perspectives regarding our place in the cosmos.


Meet Science Standards

Educators can assign Quests—astronomy-based explorations based on ESS1. These student-directed adventures make learning relevant to the world in which they live by allowing students to access real-time phenomena such as the phases of the moon, asteroids, and even deep space.

Is there a Super Moon or asteroids anticipated during your school year? Teachers can schedule a mission and set the telescopes to capture photos while they sleep. The next morning, Slooh delivers photos that were taken in real-time for teachers to use in their teaching.


Review Student Progess

Teachers can track student progress through Quests, Badges, Gravity Points, and much more via an administrative interface, as well as through our integration with Google for Education.


Case Study 

In 2019 Slooh ran a pilot program for twenty 2nd grade students in the Science and Nature Program at the American Museum of Natural History in New York.

"I just wanted to thank you so much for providing us with the classroom materials for your wonderful presentation. The parents were beyond excited to have their children participate in the program! Our associate director was in class that day and felt that the program will be a wonderful addition to the class. She got great feedback from parents after class as well."


Teacher Testimonials 

"Soumyajeet Solanki of Grade 5 at The Fabindia School has been ranked 1st in Asia. He has earned 3080 Gravity points and 5 Badges." Rajeshree Shihag, principal, The Fabindia School, Rajasthan, India, as published in Brewing Knowledge



Case Study 2 

In 2018, Slooh ran an eight week pilot program for fifty-one 6th and 7th grade students at the Washington Montessori School in Connecticut. The students of WMS accumulated Gravity Points for exploring and collected images of 10 different types of celestial objects to complete their Quests.

“It changes the way we learn about astronomy. It’s great because we don’t have to be reading boring books to learn about things that can be captured with technology as amazing as Slooh”.


Student Testimonials 

“I think Slooh made it more fun to learn about astronomy because it wasn’t just pictures, it was more like sharing with the community that Slooh created”.



About Slooh

The New Space Age is upon us. People haven’t been this inspired by space since we landed a human on the moon. Yet, while people have an innate curiosity about the cosmos, they have no practical, hands-on means of exploring it for themselves. With Slooh, people with little knowledge of astronomy or experience with telescopes can look into space just as professional astronomers do. Slooh teaches astronomy as a curricular, co-curricular, and extracurricular activity for schools and after-school programs.





Slooh Space Exploration Grant

Slooh is now offering Space Exploration Grants for teachers and students to utilize the latest interactive astronomy technology to explore the Universe and its Stars. 

With one million student accounts to be won for the 2021/2022  school year, applications for the Grant open August 18 2021, and close on October 18, 2021. 


1 Million Student Accounts

Leveraging astronomy tools to inspire, engage, awaken, and create a sense of wonder in your classroom in tandem with professional development opportunities. 

Who Is Using Slooh?


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Institutions of Higher Education

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Champion Packs For  Our Teachers 

Here at Slooh, we appreciate every educator using the platform to engage their classroom in meaningful and inspiring astronomy-related activities. To show our support, educators who have purchased a Slooh account or win a Space Exploration Grant have the opportunity to receive our Teacher Champion Pack available at checkout. 

Our very own Anthology of Space book is included alongside other goodies you can wear with pride knowing you are making a difference in the classroom and world.