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We Make It Possible To 

Teach About Space

Online Telescope

10 telescopes covering the solar system to deep space, controlled by students from the classroom to capture and watch outer space live. 

Curriculum-Aligned Lesson Plans 

Over 50+ K4-College astronomy lessons combining concepts with collaborative quizzes, and telescope control to build 

21st-century skills.


Professional Development

Step-by-step guided webinars designed by teachers for teachers making sure you succeed in the classroom, no matter what subject you teach.

Let your students explore space like a professional astronomer via a computer interface. Whether you have a science background or not, we have the tools to help you bring the wonder of space exploration to your classroom.

What's New At Slooh

Click through our blog to discover tips, secrets, and insights on how to use Slooh, ways to leverage Slooh's tools, and stories about educators helping their students discover the universe from their classrooms.

The Online Telescope

Is Ready On-Demand

You wouldn't teach Biology without a microscope. With The Online Telescope, you can take your students on a real-world journey through the Universe and its Stars without leaving the classroom.

  • Real-time viewing and control of robotic telescopes

  • Switch between 10 telescopes with one click and view the top 1000 astronomical objects

  • Capture photos in real-time and save them to your account

  • FITS files available for data analysis

Professional Development For Success

Educators find more than meeting science standards when they come to The Online Telescope.

They find community. They find wonder, beauty, and a team of astronomers and fellow educators to support their professional development.

  • Weekly live webinars covering how to teach astronomy from fourth grade to intro college courses

  • Complete access to webinar recordings and highlight videos for anytime access

  • Private workspace access to join a community forum for educators

  • Opportunities to make a global impact through our ambassador program

Watch How Teachers Use The Online Telescope

Discover How The Online Telescope is Used in the Classroom

Getting Started With The Online Telescope

Space is a vast wilderness. The Online Telescope is like a national park with guided support and a community of educators showing you how to bring the universe and its stars directly into your classroom. Start exploring with The Online Telescope in three easy steps.

See A Preview

Join one of our weekly Professional Development webinars led by experienced educators who will help you navigate the cosmic forest with lesson plans designed for 4th grade and up, and for all levels of experience with astronomy, including beginners!


The Online Telescope for Teachers

Purchase a Teacher account for $199 per year which includes access to all of our professional development sessions and telescope control so you can lead your students in the exploration activities you will learn.


The Online Telescope for Schools

After leading your students through a series of group activities, you’ll be ready to provision student accounts so they can follow the Quest curriculum you assign to explore space on their own and share what they learn with their peers.


What Educators Are Saying

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This is the coolest part to me...students can CONTROL professional-quality telescopes for what they want to capture!

Michael Finnerty

Middle School Science Teacher | GA

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My students are actively designing the process and truly authoring their learning experience, just as professional astronomers do. These tools already dominate the field of professional astronomy, so The Online Telescope allowed my astronomy classes to finally catch up to the field.

Christine Hirst Bernhardt

Slooh Teacher Advisory Board Chair

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With the launch of the James Webb telescope, the idea of what and how we can see is important for my students to understand the various ways in which we look at the universe.

Prof. Kurt Messick

College Astronomy Professor | IN

Looking To Give Your Students Access To The Online Telescope?

The Online Telescope provides teachers with the resources they need to lead a classroom by making learning engaging and preparing students for the workforce by building 21st-century skills.

Student accounts allow for a hands-on, personalized learning experience for each student. Students learn to explore space and STEM subjects in a self-directed manner that extends learning beyond the classroom. By capturing their own photos and data, creating personalized infographic posters, and exploring space mythology, student accounts help every type of student to connect with STEM in their own way.

Upper Elementary School

Middle School Science

High School Astronomy

High School Physics

Junior College Astronomy

College Astronomy

Extend Learning Using Curriculum Aligned Lessons

Interactive lessons aligned with science standards challenge your students to use the telescopes to collect and analyze data to form their own conclusions. With applied learning, hands-on experience, and a gamified platform, students are more likely to retain information. Suitable for ages K4-college.

Bring The Online Telescope to your classroom with integrated curriculum-aligned lesson plans and professional development to explore the Universe and its Stars.


Bring The Online Telescope to your classroom with integrated curriculum-aligned lesson plans and professional development to explore the Universe and Its Stars.


Explore The Online Telescope 

For Free

Adding The Online Telescope to your classroom to explore Earth's place in the Universe and beyond starts here without the hassle of purchasing, storing, and maintaining a fleet of expensive telescopes.

Want to get a feel for the platform before you get started? Sign up for a 7-day Free Trial to get familiar with the platform and see how you can use Slooh.